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"I just do not know where to begin."

"This will be valuable someday."

"But I spent so much money on this item."

"It reminds me of someone special."

"I just do not have enough space."

"I am just so overwhelmed, I do not know where to start."

If you have not used an item or seen it in a year, consider if it is time to give it away.

Simple Start Ideas

  1. Plan out the week's meals in advance and create a shopping list.
  2. Start a load of laundry before another task.
  3. Donate unwanted magazines to your local Senior Center.
  4. Control Junk Mail.
  5. Do not put things down; put them away.
  6. Become a list maker.
  7. Plan your errands.
  8. Establish routines.
  9. Before bedtime pack backpacks with the necessary items and place by the door.
  10. Set up automatic payments for recurring bills. (mortgage, utilities, cable, etc.)
  11. Keep a container on hand to place items for donation in. Place in the garage or space where items can easily be placed for donation.
  12. Cancel the newspaper or any unread materials that are subscribed to.


* Bring old cell phones into a cell phone company for donation.

* Contact your local shelters to see what their current needs are; you might have several items that you would be able to donate to those in need.

* Clothing:  An agency such as the Community Clothes Closet (920) 731.7834 accepts clothing, shoes, bedding and more to help families in need at no fee to them.

Life Totes

Find out how to start your own personal Life Tote.

Everyone's story is worth being told and shared with future generations.

These are just a few simple start ideas.

Conquer Your Clutter Organizing can provide life long strategies

and solutions to keep you organized.


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