Conquer Your Clutter Organizing, LLC -
"Thanks for the abundance of support and love you have shown to Community Benefit Tree and the families we serve."
Community Benefit Tree - Kaukauna

"Stacy has made such a difference in my life. I now feel like I live in a home, not just a house. There are no longer piles and boxes of stuff all over the place. I don't feel like I'm living in a junk yard anymore! With her gentle manner, patience, and non-judgmental attitude, Stacy has showed me how to go through boxes, drawers, closets and more and what to do with items I no longer want or need. She has a vast knowledge of local resources such as donation places and repair shops. 
We went through an extensive remodeling in our home and Stacy used her design skills to help us redo the rooms involved. We used a painter from her network of resources who did an excellent job.
Stacy is a whiz at organizing any space or area as our Before and After pictures show!
She is truly a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her service to anyone."
Wendy - Darboy

"I don't think I can ever say it are a blessing to me.
We are just thrilled with all the changes that have transformed our home into the best expression of who we are. We value your visual gift and design expertise. Your gift for listening and your patience are deeply appreciated by me. You are a wonderful support."
Laurie - Appleton

"You have NO idea how happy you made me! You have helped us in so many ways other than organizing. You have made this whole move, life transition a lot easier! Thank you! I know this is your business and we pay you for your services; but you offer so much more in your overall nature; thank you for everything!"
Liz - Appleton

"Having enlisted Conquer Your Clutter Organizing with Stacy has been one of the best decisions I have made.  To say my plate was full would be an understatement.  I was in the throes of moving, downsizing, and liquidating a business.  Stacy's know-how, expertise, and skill have greatly eased these major transitions.  She is courteous and professional through and through.  She has unflagging energy whatever the task.  Her information network and resources are a great asset.  There are only positive benefits to realizing Stacy's motto, "the best things in life aren't things".
Chris - Appleton

"My husband was impressed with the work we did yesterday.
I am finding things much more assessable in both the shower and pantry.
I like how passionate you are about what you do.
I like your non judgmental and compassionate demeanor.
Blessed to have you in my life."
Connie - DePere

"I have used the services of Stacy at Conquer Your Clutter Organizing over the past year and a half. Her professionalism and knowledge has made such a difference in our lives and home. Her unique ideas and recommendations have helped us enjoy our living space to its fullest. I thank heaven for her often and are so thankful I made that call to her."
Shirley - Wisconsin

"Dear Stacy - Thank you for caring about Ben's Wish & the beautiful basket you donated to our auction! The basket was a huge success. Loved all of the items. You are a very caring person..thank you. Thank you for all that you do for everyone & helping our communities in need. I appreciate you very much."
Becky & Peter Delain - Ben's Parents and Founders of Ben's Wish

2012 Award for Up And Coming Star:
This award is for an individual who in a short amount of time has been an advocate for Community Benefit Tree. This person has spread the word to others about us whether it was about our services, about volunteering for us or about donating to our cause. She has given us opportunities to speak about our work. She has raised funds and supplies for our organization and has been a true advocate for CBT- words can not truly say what it means to know we have someone like her tooting our horn! This year's recipient is Stacy Hove!
Heidi Frederickson and the Community Benefit Tree - Kaukauna, WI

"Thank you so much for your donations for the basket raffle and your help with setting up. Your help and participation are so greatly appreciated. Thank you again"
McKinley PTA - Appleton, WI

"Thank you so much for presenting at the Volunteer Action Counsel Meeting on Thursday. I thought it was incredibly informative and the facts were shocking! I would not be surprised at all if the entire group went home and made some changes. You can tell you are passionate about what you do and that truly made your presentation a pleasure. Thanks again."
Allie - JDRF

"Stacy is truly a gifted person when it comes to organizing, thinking about space and flow for every room of your home.  Stacy is a very hard worker, kind spirited and thoroughly understands the needs of her clientele.  Stacy helped me organize my first home and created the best "toy closet" that I could have ever imagined.  We went from kids toys all over the house to a very neat toy closet that the kids actually enjoyed picking up and keeping it organized.  When we purchased our new home Stacy was able to help me visualize color schemes, pick out flooring and after the move-in Stacy helped twice to organize and re-create our toy closet.  We get so many compliments on our flooring and colors especially in the kids rooms and I have to give Stacy all the credit.  Since we are always working on a budget she was able to give me suggestions on affordable ways to organize my home.  I would highly recommend Stacy, not only has she helped me organize my home, I have found a new friend."
Paula - WI

"My mother is in a nursing home and has a hard time letting go of things. It can be hard to down-size from a home full of a lifetime into a small room. That added to the fact that my mom is unable to walk and her room at the home became overwhelmed and very disorganized. With two small children I couldn't find the time needed to sort through everything with my mom and work with her on letting go of things. I knew it would take someone very understanding and patient to go through this process with her. I am so glad to have found Stacy with Conquer Your Clutter. She took the time my mom needed and helped her choose which things needed to go and then organize what she kept. Not only did she do her job well, but she got to know my mom and made the experience caring and personal. I would recommend Conquer Your Clutter to anyone trying to organize their life - whether it's one room, a household, or an office. She is a great woman to work with. Thanks so much!
Tess F. - Manitowoc, WI

"Thank you so very much with helping me with our home while I was so sick. It means a lot to me to have an eye like yours to pull a house this size together! I appreciate all that you did for us! I could not believe how flexible and concerned you were with my condition. Thank you."
Susan - Cedarburg, WI

"Thank you so much for getting rid of all my extras. I really appreciated your help."
Jan - Appleton, WI

"Stacy, Thank you for all your hard work and your attention to the kids needs!"
Annette - WI

"We were so pleased with the consultation that Stacy gave us as we remodeled our house. Not only did she select the paints but also gave suggestions for accessories. She even met my husband at a store to help make the best selections and to keep it cost effective. She did this in a timely manner. I really appreciate the fact that Stacy took many phone calls for additional questions without a sign of frustration. Stacy knows a great deal of people and also gave us referrals and recommendations of others that may be helpful with our project. Stacy even took the time to call and see how the project was going even after she was done assisting us. This is what I call AWESOME customer service. I would HIGHLY recommend Stacy, as she is prompt, thorough, friendly, conscientious and ethical.
Joan S. - Kaukauna

"Stacy created, planned, and executed an outstanding organizing job for a troublesome area, on time and within budget. She is the "go-to" person for pesky physical space issues. Very pleased to recommend Stacy!"
JeanMarie -Appleton

" It was a gift certificate that brought Stacy out to my home. My problem is that I like to do an array of projects. Many times I have several projects going on at once. But this took a toll on my home. Items here and there, projects on hold until I could find a suitable area to continue to work on them. It became very difficult to do my hobbies. Stacy was easy to work with and if she was in shock when she walked into my home, I didn't notice. With Stacy leading the way we battled the masses. My home became transformed into a comfortable, orderly and no clutter oasis. I now spend my time seeing projects through completion and have a comfortable environment to work within. Stacy is focused, works hard, but adds an element of relaxation as my home was being transformed. Thanks Stacy."
Linda  - Shiocton

"After starting my business, I hired Stacy of Conquer Your Clutter Organizing to help establish my home office. Stacy was prepared, professional and fun to work with. She went above and beyond, and gave me back my entire home.
-Heath B. - Neenah, WI

"Stacy has been a wonderful help not just to myself but to our company. She came into my home and office with a purpose and stuck to that purpose. I spent too much time looking for items I needed and had to make a change. Stacy's services truly are rewarding and when you're done and see what has been accomplished a sense of peace overcomes you. WOW I am actually going to know where everything is. It was an investment in my life. Considering where we started: I could not believe how wonderful it looked when it was completed."
-Kyle J. - Greenville, WI
Owner of  Total Maintenance Solutions

"My loft was in an "off course" state, which was creating an emotional imbalance, resulting in a feeling of me being totally overwhelmed. By accomplishing getting things in order, it gave me a "burst" of exhilaration and pride in completing any project. Stacy brought me to an organizational state of mind, by establishing a positive status of efficiency, which saved me time, money and energy! Through this system she helped me create a healthy environment for my office as well as my home. "A place for everything and everything in its place," by Stacy Hove!, did I mention she is recommended highly and highly fun! Call Stacy and get your clutter conquered. My loft is now a new and freshly organized living space."
-Patricia M. - Appleton, WI

"Stacy, the Clutter Conqueror is a miracle worker. My mom had recently moved to the Fox Valley and was downsizing from a much larger home to a one-bedroom apartment. As a result, boxes were stacked to the ceiling and chaos reigned from bedroom-to bathroom-to living room. Stacy worked tirelessly several weekends to help my mom organize and eliminate things she no longer needed. She was great to work with and passionate about the task at hand. Today my mom is more organized than she's ever been in her life. Her apartment is completely clean and everything has a place. I NEVER thought I'd see it in this great shape. This, I think, will also help her health as clutter can be extremely stressful for people. Six months ago I would never have considered hiring someone to organize as I thought it was just a job we should be responsible for. Stacy completely changed my view. Life gets busy and Stacy offers you a fresh start and peace of mind."
-Dan S. - Appleton, WI

"After attending a workshop of Stacy's on conquering your clutter, I knew immediately that I could benefit from working with her. I've been working with her extensively for the last few months and I'm happy to say that she has helped me completely transform both my home and office! Not only am I happy to spend time in my home again, because it feels clean and de cluttered, I am also saving an enormous amount of time that used to be spent trying to 'find things'...precious time that I can now spend on the important things in life." "Stacy will spend the time it takes to understand your situation and will provide wonderful solutions and ideas to make your life easier. Working with Stacy is fun, productive, and motivational! As most people are in this day and age, I am extremely busy juggling many hats. Stacy's services helped me immensely in getting the organization I needed to help me balance my life."
- Tracie K. - Greenville, WI

"We were overwhelmed with our office space. It was over 3 years of piles everywhere! What would have taken us weeks to get in order Stacy did in 1 day for us! She came in took one look around and knew right away what to do. Stacy not only helped us to clean up the mess quickly, but then designed a system that kept it simple yet effective to keep our stuff in order. We are happy and relieved with our office space now! Without a doubt we will use Stacy's services again soon.
- David & Paula Coates - Green Bay, WI

"Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job of keeping me on task and organizing while I was doing other things! It was like cleaning with a good buddy. I feel so accomplished when we work together. Thank you for helping me always change myself and my life for the better. Thanks!!
- Lynn B. - Appleton, WI

"Thank you for the help and for organizing my home. It was amazing how afterwards I enjoyed being home. It was a huge load off my shoulders. Quick recognition of how to organize whatever it is that needs to be organized. Great follow through from start to finish, detail oriented. There is no doubt that you have the talent in organizing and obviously love to help others."
- Tim S. - Appleton, WI